Technology / Sydney

Rockend is an innovative technology company that provides software solutions to the real estate industry. An existing workspace that was both cramped and inefficient, led to a change in thinking about how they worked, what their outlook was and what their office could be.

Glasgow Hart and Rockend undertook a collaborate and immersive briefing and design process and helped Rockend come a long term view of how to mange the transition of their office space - starting in a traditional desk-based workspace and as they grew they would change to an activity based workplace (ABW) once their numbers became greater than their workpoints. The workspace included many different work style meeting and collaboration spaces, along with lockers and other support facilities.

Like all companies in the technology industry, attracting and retaining talented people is critical to Rockends success. A workplace that nurtured and extended its people, encouraging collaboration and creativity was realised with flexible spaces and adaptable settings for various working styles and project needs. The space also became home to an extensive Aboriginal Art collection.

GlasgowHart continues to work with Rockend as its needs evolve and look forward to providing innovation in environment to match their innovation in software.